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Friday, September 08, 2017

Mosaic Partnership with Evergreen Hospice in Full Swing

Mosaic has partnered with Evergreen Hospice to provide counselling and support services in the Thornhill community.This partnership means that Mosaic and Evergreen will be working together on a number of projects together, including:

Mosaic hosting the Thornhill Hospice Palliative Care Team community meetings monthly.

Mosaic will host the Healthy Living Now program, facilitated by Evergreen volunteers and the Caregiver Support group managed collaboratively by Evergreen and CHATS (Community Home Assistance to Seniors).

Evergreen’s bereavement counselor, will be working from the Mosaic a couple of days a week, meeting with local bereaved people, caregivers and those struggling with the impact of a life-threatening illness.

Finally, Mosaic will host a Caregiver Support Group twice a month.

Mosaic is excited to work with Evegreen on these new initiatives.
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